Vocal training


Well, we’re professionals now!

Last weekend Earls Barton Music put on a vocal training course for members, run by the fantastic Kate Eckersley and Joanne Hanson, vocal coaches from Sussex.

35 members attended the course which started with a Friday evening class where we were introduced to some techniques and singing tips and one or two new songs. The course continued bright and early Saturday morning up until lunchtime, when we shared a buffet lunch, and ended with a brief performance to family and friends at 3pm.

We learnt about breathing, range, diction, intonation and were introduced to a varied selection of music:

  • ‘Missa ‘cum jubilo’ (12th century) and ‘Veni veni, Emanuel (13th century)
  • ‘Happy together’ – a 1960’s song
  • A spoken piece
  • ‘Hashivenu’, an Israeli folk song
  • ‘Vine and fig-tree’, another Israeli piece
  • ‘Wondrous love’, a hymn from the 19th century
  • ‘Tandem’ by Alan Simmons – a humourous piece in two parts

Kate and Joanne were great coaches and brought a great wealth of experience and music history and theory which made the course interesting as well as useful.

If you weren’t able to attend the course this time but would be interested then please do let us know as we may try to run another.


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