Concert and rehearsal dates

Earls Barton Music Rehearsal Dates – Autumn 2019

Autumn Concert 2019  – The Messiah

All rehearsals start 7.30pm and at EB Methodist Chapel unless otherwise stated


Tuesday 3rd                          Registration             7.00pm – 8.15pm

Thursday 12th                      Rehearsal 1

Tuesday 17th                        Rehearsal 2

Wednesday 25th                 Rehearsal 3


Thursday 3rd                         Rehearsal 4

Wednesday 9th                    Rehearsal 5

Tuesday 15th                        Rehearsal 6

Thursday 24th                      Rehearsal 7

Tuesday 29th                        Rehearsal 8


Thursday 7th                         Rehearsal 9

Wednesday 13th                 Rehearsal 10

Tuesday 19th                        Rehearsal 11

Sunday 24th                          Orchestra                          2.00pm – 5.00pm

Tuesday 26th                        Rehearsal 12                       7.00pm

Friday 29th                            Concert 1                             7.00pm

Saturday 30th                       Concert 2                              7.00pm

2 thoughts on “Concert and rehearsal dates

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