Concert and rehearsal dates

Our next concert is ‘Mix Tape’

The following are rehearsal dates, all at the Methodist Chapel, Earls Barton, (all rehearsals start at 7.30pm and conclude at 9.30pm unless otherwise stated). Please note, the building Redevelopment Project inside the Chapel may run until mid-September. If that’s the case, we will rehearse in the Oak Room.

September 2022
Tuesday 6th 7pm – 8pm Registration, score collection, payment if not done online
Tuesday 13th Rehearsal 1 and Registration 2
Thursday 22nd Rehearsal 2
Thursday 29th Rehearsal 3
October 2022
Wednesday 5th Rehearsal 4
Thursday 13th Rehearsal 5
Tuesday 18th Rehearsal 6
Tuesday 25th – Potential soloists or small ensemble rehearsals – 2pm
Tuesday 25th – Full choir rehearsal 7pm
November 2022
Wednesday 2nd Rehearsal 7
Thursday 10th Rehearsal 8
Tuesday 15th Rehearsal 9
Thursday 24th Rehearsal 10
December 2022
Thursday 1st Rehearsal 11
Sunday 4th – Extra Rehearsal 2pm – 5pm (Main choir until 4.30pm – small ensembles and soloists until 5pm)
Thursday 8th Rehearsal 12
Wednesday 14th Final rehearsal 6.45pm start
Friday 16th Concert (7pm)
Saturday 17th Concert (7pm)


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