Concert and rehearsal dates

Earls Barton Music Choir

Registration, Rehearsals, Concerts and AGM January to June 2020

The information and dates below relate to the V.E Day 75th Anniversary events in Earls Barton in May and a Peacetime and Friendship Concert (not the finalised name) in June.  I also include Registration and our AGM dates.  There are no rehearsals at February half-term, two weeks at Easter and the late May Whitsun half term. No rehearsal either week beginning 11th May. Please register electronically if you can and there will also be an opportunity to pay online, pay by card on the night, pay by cheque or pay with cash!

All rehearsals and performances at Methodist Chapel and from 7.30pm until 9.30pm unless stated.  There will be extra rehearsals for soloists and small ensembles.  No auditions for Main Chorus but there will be for anyone hoping for solo etc.


Tuesday 28th              Registration               7pm – 8pm                Oak room


Tuesday 4th                Rehearsal 1                                                    Main Chapel

Wednesday 12th       Rehearsal 2                                                    Main Chapel

Half Term – no rehearsal

Tuesday 25th              Rehearsal 3                                                    Main Chapel


Thursday 5th              Rehearsal 4                                                    Main Chapel

Wednesday 11th       Rehearsal 5                                                    Main Chapel

Tuesday 17th              Rehearsal 6                                                    Main Chapel

Thursday 26th                        Rehearsal 7                                         Main Chapel



Thursday 2nd              Rehearsal 8                                                   Main Chapel

Easter School Holidays – no rehearsals

Tuesday 21st              Rehearsal 9                                                   Main Chapel

Thursday 30th          Rehearsal 10                                                 Main Chapel


Tuesday 5th                Rehearsal 11                                                 Main Chapel (or outside

weather permitting)

Friday 8th or Saturday 9th     V.E Day Concert                                The Square (outside)

No rehearsal week beginning 11th May


EBM Annual General Meeting: Monday 18th May – 7pm, Saxon Tavern, The Square, E.B


Tuesday 19th              Rehearsal 12                                                 Main Chapel

Whitsun Half term holiday – no rehearsal

Sunday 31st           Band rehearsal with soloists and small ensembles – 2pm – 5pm Oak Rm



Thursday 4th              Rehearsal 13                                                 Main Chapel

Wednesday 10th       Rehearsal 14                                                 Main Chapel 7pm start

Tuesday 16th              Rehearsal 15 Band, chorus and soloists  Main Chapel 7pm start

Friday 19th                 Concert           Tutti                                        Main Chapel 7pm start

You may think there is a surfeit of rehearsals but the concert in June will have new and unused material not performed in May.  The plan in May is to perform outside, The Square will be closed to traffic for us to perform – yes, just like Glastonbury and Latitude Festivals!

Music for V.E Day concert will be drawn from:

Don’t sit under the Apple Tree, A nightingale sang in B, Accentuate the positive, Is you is or is you ain’t my Baby? Sentimental Journey, White Cliffs of Dover, Obey your Air Raid Warden, Chattanooga Choo Choo or Pennsylvania 65000, Hey Mr Miller, Jeepers Creepers, Lullaby of Broadway, Take the A train and other stuff not decided upon as yet.

Music for Peacetime/Friendship songs (June) will be drawn from:

Blowin’ in the wind, I’d like to teach the World to sing, You’ve got a friend, Lean on me, Imagine, Heal the World, Pipes of Peace, All you need is love, One love, Little help from my friends and so much more !!!

Thanks to the music team for coming up with the music.  Enjoy Christmas and the New Year then come back for a new dose of performing!


2 thoughts on “Concert and rehearsal dates

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