The River of Jazz


Our latest venture ‘The River of Jazz’, which took place on June 18th 2017, proved to be a great success! The concert, which took a journey from spirituals to Michael Buble, showcased the works of Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and other jazz greats as well as funk tracks and more modern compositions.

Lots of the band and choral music was arranged by members of the society and a number of our musicians sang and played more than one instrument!

For the first time in a few years, EBM travelled to The Castle, Wellingborough, taking advantage of the venue’s versatility; this show was presented in ‘flat floor format’ meaning that our audience could enjoy the evening in a relaxed, cabaret-style atmosphere.

The choir really rose to the occasion as did our bands (yes, bands), string quartet, spoon player and vocal soloists!

During the interval lots of us enjoyed food from ‘Frank’s’ which set us up nicely for the second half!

We were guided through the whole evening by our expert comperes, Jonathan Reynolds and Rita Gee. We are also indebted to the sound and lighting team, led by Dave Lawrence, who made us look and sound amazing!

This show started as a germ of an idea and turned into something epic! Thank you, Jon Rees, for your patience and expertise in guiding us to our destination (Wellingborough!).



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